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Fanfic writer since 1992 (well, unless you count the stories I wrote in junior and senior high in spiral-bound notebooks). Back in the day, we only had usenet newsgroups to post stories to, and we liked it that way! </crotchety old lady>

Seriously, though, I seem to have a fascination with British men in positions of authority whose aloof, taciturn exteriors hide a deep-seated passion, usually for a particular woman, and revealed only to the honoured few. Hence the title of the journal.

Currently I am obsessed with the character of Mark Darcy (Bridget Jones's Diary), as played by Colin Firth, but as Helen Fielding based Mark Darcy on Colin Firth's Mr Darcy from the 1995 BBC/A&E miniseries Pride and Prejudice, I think saying 'as played by Colin Firth' is redundant. Best summed up in this review of the BJD movie:

... all power to Firth the actor. He's the compleat Darcy, and he never wavers. There's no sentimentality, no flirtation with the audience, no final moment of pandering to the niceness gods; he's a cold geek all the way through. You can see him simmering with rage – at Bridget for being so attractive, at himself for never quite knowing what to say, at both of them for being prey to such childishness, at his libido for wanting and at his ego for fearing. Especially poignant are his long looks at her. You see in his eyes his yearning hunger and his fury at his own ineloquence and inability to find the will to move ahead, from across the unbridgeable distance of a large room filled with happy people.

I am unlikely to write any Austen fic; then again, I never thought I'd write 'paddling pool' fic either, so... one never knows. :)

I'm also really quite fond of the whole Pam/Jim dynamic on NBC's "The Office", but am not confident enough about being in their heads (or knowing the canon well enough) at this point to actually write anything and wrote a little something for them too. I also in the past have prolifically written ST:TNG fic (Picard/Beverly Crusher) and dabbled once in an X-Files fic that I, ahem, never finished. (At least I didn't post it anywhere, unfinished. That is a big pet peeve of mine.)

I'm also uploading my stuff to but they are kind of squicky about posting more mature-themed stories--so I put them here instead. Besides, LJ has a prettier interface and userpics. :)

Also I sometimes make icons :)

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